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The inspiration for Kindness Connection began in 2004 with the volunteer work of Emily Broxterman from Overland Park, Kansas.  As a new college graduate, Emily volunteered in a very impoverished school in Horacio Zeballos Gamez, Peru.  After her nine month commitment was over, Emily decided to stay with the hope of improving the educational future for the local children in this region.  Her goal was to provide these children with a future different from the traditional brickyards.  In this community children as young as 6 years old make bricks in their homes to help support their families.  By the age of 12, most of them are working full time in the local brick factory.

After several years of working with the community, Emily took her mission to the next level by forming the nonprofit Kindness Connection in 2007.  Through the work of Kindness Connection, this small two room school house has now grown into an established State school equipped with one classroom and teacher for each grade level, a principal, a perimeter wall for safety, a playground, school gardens, and, electricity and running water.  In addition we have health, social, and psychological services.

The student population has grown from 20 students in 2004, many of whom did not go beyond 3rd grade, to over 120 children enrolled, with the majority now finishing 6th grade.  The school has now become the heart and soul of the community and a source of pride for the entire community. The students chose to name the school “The School of Peace and Hope” (Paz y Esperanza) in honor of the opportunities it will bring to all of the children who attend.

In addition to education our organization strives to improve the health and wellness of the local families and children.  We work with the local health centers and provide a nutritional daily breakfast for the children at the school.  We work with the area government and nonprofit organizations to help provide sustainability to what we do.

Kindness Connection is a nonprofit organization committed to developing sustainable communities, promoting human development and improving the quality of life for individuals in underprivileged areas.  We are working in Peru, providing infrastructure and educational materials to disadvantaged schools in addition to supporting educational after school programs for local youth.  We gather medical supplies and basic medications, organize mission trips to provide medical aid to underdeveloped hospitals and clinics in the southern region of Arequipa, Peru.

In the future we will expand these efforts, creating new programs and projects to address the needs of impoverished families in Peru.  With our strong base and dedicated volunteers, and financial support from individuals and businesses, we are empowered to pursue our mission and cause.

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Developing sustainable communities, promoting human development and improving the quality of life for individuals in underprivileged areas



According to Peru’s Ministry of Health, the lack of basic necessities such as clean water, wastewater management, low income, and limited education have all been responsible for elevating the national level of malnutrition and disease, specifically among children.

To help combat this trend, Kindness Connection is working in Horacio Zeballos Gamez, an area on the outskirts of Arequipa in southern Peru.  Families from all over the country settle there, hoping to be employed in the area brickyards.  The climate is harsh, arid and the living conditions are poor.  We support “The School of Peace and Hope” in Horacio by building a school with a perimeter fence and a playground.  To effect long term change, we provide educational, psychological, nutritional, and social and health related services.  Our charity has also aided areas in the in the highlands of southern Peru.  As our resources continue to grow, we will continue our work in other impoverished communities in Peru.

At Kindness Connection Peru we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better life in Peru.

We can only do it with your help. Join us in our mission and donate now.

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