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Library and Gardens

Summer School



Our gardens are also multipurpose:

Each class votes on what they want to grow and we provide the seeds. The lessons taught are:

  • Food sources
  • ​Basic nutrition
  • Cultivation and watering
  • Harvesting and sharing with the whole school
  • Fun!!!
One of our support programs at the “School of Peace and Hope” is a summer session that combines additional educational opportunities and fun. 
This includes:
  • Instruction in basic core subjects with a little “fun” added
  • Support in year round learning
  • A beach trip at the end of the session for those students with good attendance 
  • Opens their world beyond their community
(Most of the students have never traveled on a bus or been to the beach. Parents become involved in helping with the trip, building school pride and spirit in the community.)

Educational Support


Educational Support

Our library is multipurpose:
  • A place for reading and research during the school day
  • ​A source of reference books and fiction books for all ages
  • ​A check out system for books for home reading
  • ​A place to learn to read for pleasure to broaden their horizons
  • ​​A safe, quiet place to read and do homework
Using your donations, Kindness Connection provides the School of Peace and Hope:
  • Supplies for teachers to make lessons more meaningful (math manipulatives, books and resources, art supplies, etc.)
  • Salaries for English and Computer teachers (skills needed for the tourism industry)
  • Physical education and Art supplies
  • Incentives for good grades and attendance 
  • Continuing education for teachers
  • A library of books and resources
  • After school tutoring and library time
  • A safe place to learn and socialize

Developing sustainable communities, promoting human development and improving the quality of life for individuals in underprivileged areas

At Kindness Connection Peru we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better life in Peru.

We can only do it with your help. Join us in our mission and donate now.